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Unlike conventional electronic locks, TZ SMArt Devices use advanced Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) materials as actuators and embedded sensors to optimize operation. This technology offers a number of strong advantages including allowing for innovative physical designs and packaging.

TZ SMArt Devices are based on one of three current actuation topologies:

  • Rotary actuation: this is where the SMA is configured to rotate the mechanism in a radial fashion, opening a series of pawls or similar mechanisms to release a capture pin or stud
  • Flex actuation: this is the case where the SMA is used to bend or flex the mechanism so that the lock can release a spring loaded latch or clear an interference device so that the lock can operate
  • Linear actuation: is where the SMA is used in a linear fashion to pull a shuttle or clear an interference mechanism away from an engagement point in the lock

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Think SMArt.

TZ Radial

The TZ Radial is our leading SMArt Device with several hundred thousand devices in use around the world in a range of applications.

When activated the SMA causes the core to rotate, opening the pawls and ejecting the stud thereby opening the door. Simultaneously the TZ Radial has two I/O channels that can be used to turn on LED illumination.

  • Actuation topology: Rotary
  • Locking mechanism: Pawls with spring loaded ejector mechanism
  • Form factor: 32.5mm Ø x 42mm L (1.25” Ø  x 1.65” L)
  • Power: +24VDC
  • Communications: TZ SMArtBus protocol

TZ BeamLock

The TZ Beamlock is based on our patented Beam mechanism and designed for simple, cost effective closure of small enclosures in indoor applications such as mailrooms, day lockers and cabinets.

When activated the beam mechanism flexes, releasing the spring loaded striker and pushing the door open. Simultaneously inbuilt LEDs are turned on to illuminate the location.

  • Actuation topology: Flex
  • Locking mechanism: Beam format catch with spring loaded ejector
  • Form factor: Quick fit enclosure
  • Power: +24VDC
  • Communications: TZ SMArtBus protocol

TZ CabLock

The TZ Cablock is designed as an intelligent lock replacement for conventional cabinet locks. Based on our patented Beam mechanism Cablock provides enhances security and management of drawers and cabinets in retail, pharmaceutical, corporate and other applications.

When activated the beam mechanism flexes, removing the interference device used to prevent rotation of the lock. Simultaneously inbuilt LEDs are turned on in the knob to identify that the device is now unlocked at which point the knob can be turned and the cabinet opened.

  • Actuation topology: Flex
  • Operation: Beam format interference mechanism
  • Form factor: Cabinet mounted
  • Power: Battery (Lithium Ion, replaceable); external 5VDC option
  • Communications: Bluetooth, Ethernet or TZ SMArtBus protocol

TZ SwingHandle

The TZ SwingHandle is and electronic SwingHandle designed for Data Center cabinet security.

When an authorized user touches the illuminated touch pad the SMA is energized. This pulls on a shuttle mechanism that disengages the SwingHandle itself allowing it to ‘pop’ out of the housing so that it can be used to open the cabinet.

  • Actuation topology: Linear
  • Operation: Shuttle mechanism
  • Form factor: Door mounted Swing handle format
  • Power: 24VDC
  • Communications: TZ SMArtBus protocol

Think SMArt.


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